Ruby on Rails on Bluehost

Written by David Goncalves on December 29, 2009 – 10:21 pm

Finally got Rails working with not a little help from these links:

I deviated from the preceding instructions a bit. Rather than generating a scaffold, I uploaded my existing application and then did a

rake db:schema:load

command followed by

rake db:migrate

Also I made the little mistake of trying to install paperclip from within my bash prompt, rather than using the Bluehost control panel to do it . That worked better. Plus I needed to do this stuff:

Also, although I did not need to do everything from here

I did benefit from  the command

$ tail -n 100 log/development.log

At this point, it almost goes without saying that  I could not have done it in twice the time without help from my good friend and colleague  David Kilmer.

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  1. David Kilmer Says:

    I’m awesome